Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Mystery of Boys

They Mystery of Boys: Why are they Born Wanting to Take Stuff Apart?

Munchkin Girl practically came out of the womb with a purse slung over her shoulder, so I wasn't exactly prepared for the mystery of boys.  Here are a few things that mystify me:

1.  The obsession with dirt.  And mud.  And anything that makes a giant mess:

2.  The desire to dissasemble all toys.  And mutilate them.

3.  The way they love to play with their little junk.
I am going to refrain from posting a picture about this one for fear of being called a perv.

4.  The utter fascination of balls of any kind, any color, any size.  Frankly might be slightly related to #3??  Hee hee

5.  The fascination with electronics.  It begins at an early age:

I'm confident as he gets older he will baffle me in new and exciting ways.  Potty training should be an adventure!

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  1. Too funny! And I can honestly say, as mother to a 12 year old boy, the obsession with their "junk" doesn't seem to improve with age.

  2. He's just a curious little explorer. So cute. Better keep the water away from that dirt unless you want mud pies for dinner.


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