Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Embarrassing Mom Moments this week

Embarassing Mom Moments

1.  Little Buddy tried to shove me off the toilet this week.  He kept pointing and grunting at the Dora potty seat.  It was really stressing him out that I was on the toilet without it and he wanted me to get up and put it on.  The problem is that he's getting very strong and my ass is far too large to use the Dora potty seat.  It was quite a struggle to stay seated.
2.  Munchkin Girl suddenly stopped walking in Target.  She looked at me and said, "Mommy, I smell something bad.  Did you peep?"  Damn kid and her perceptive nose.  She's like the smell police.
3.  Little Buddy wouldn't stay in the circle at our first (and last) Gymboree Class.  He kept getting up and wanting to run around the room and play with everything.  In his defense, the kooky teachers really expected an 18 month old boy to sit in a tiny circle and play with puppets when there was a huge room full of balls and things to climb on.  I mean, he's only human.
4.  I filled up my grocery cart to the brim, bought everything, and ended up at home somehow with an empty car.  This is the 2nd time I have left my groceries at the store.  In a month.
5.  Munchkin Girl looked wistfully out the window one night during sunset.  All kinds of wispy clouds were in the sky.  She said, "Mommy, I think I saw a falling star.  Don't you just love summer?"  (Okay, you got me.  That was a Fun one, not an embarassing one.  They redeemed themselves)

I also started a new Facebook page, called Embarrassing Mom Moments.  Feel free to join up there and add your own embarrassing Mom Moments. 
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  1. Can't believe no one has commented on this yet. I love it! Your little girl and my little girl should get together - it is funny what they can "smell out" and report at that age!

  2. Haha, yeah sounds like they would be a great match! The smell police was pretty tough on us tonight!! :-)

  3. Love these!! So funny :)

  4. Hi,
    I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 29 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!
    I love this post,the store one was the best!lol

    Feel free to swing by my blog to follow as well,

  5. I took my daughter who was bout 4 at the time (and is now nearly 11!) to Target to shop for a new hoodie. I didn't find what I wanted so we were about to leave when she pointed and said "Look mom, theres some hoodies" I replied with "Oh but those are for pregnant mommies" her response? "But MOM! You DO kinda LOOK pregnant!" OF COURSE the store was busy with about 20 people within ear shot ~ OH dear :P

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